Voyager Golden Record


The spacecraft’s Voyager I and II where launched in 1977 on their mission to boldly go where no man or manmade object has gone before. They were both equipped with a golden phonograph record that documented the sounds of our planet for any intelligent life they might encounter. There were greetings from 55 human languages and one whale language, classical, tribal and contemporary music, and 100+ analog encoded images. Now, you can own your own copy with the Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition. These beautiful translucent golden vinyl LPs feature remastered versions of the audio recordings found on the original’s and are delivered in a cloth-covered box. Accompanying the vinyl’s is a book containing photos relayed to Earth from the spacecraft’s, images from the original record, essays and more. It is a fantastic way to commemorate this otherworldly feat of human exploration.


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