Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven

Gourmet / Home

For any wanna-be pizzaiolos out there, the Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven is exactly what you’re missing. Made from shining 304 stainless steel, the oven features a spacious cooking surface where you can bake genuine Neapolitan style pizzas up to a huge 16” in size. If pizza doesn’t take your fancy, it’s also perfect for all sorts of other foods, from fish and meat, to baking fresh bread. You can choose to cook using any of gas, pellets, charcoal or wood. The patented design is super-efficient too, reaching a flaming 932º F in just 10 minutes, allowing you to pull out a perfect pizza in a speedy 90 seconds. It’s also fully portable, so you can take your food feast on the road. Time for a pizza party!

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