Slughaus Bullet 02 Flashlight


The idea behind the Bullet 02 Flashlight is simple. Take the world’s smallest flashlight, Slughaus’ Bullet, and make it even smaller. Taking its inspiration from a 40 S&W round, you had better remember where you leave the Bullet 02 because it is tiny, barely troubling the scales at five grams heavy and 10 x 26 mm. Despite its featherweight size, it can trade punches with the best of them. Its anodized aluminum casing is fully waterproof and close to indestructible. Slughaus even ran over it in an SUV and it still worked a treat. The LED bulb is extremely bright for its size, producing 20 lumens and lasts up to a phenomenal 150,000 hours. Available in either matte brass or matte black, the Bullet 02 may be minuscule but its performance is colossal.

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