Raumfeld x Rosenthal Porcelain Speakers


Raumfeld x Rosenthal Porcelain Speakers are a collaboration between the renowned audio and porcelain manufacturers, giving us the world’s “first steaming speakers made from porcelain.” The material has a naturally low resonance which makes it a phenomenally good substance to make speakers from, and these certainly sound as gorgeous as they look. The teardrop shape of the speakers optimizes the coaxial speaker’s acoustics, which are powered by a 160 watt Class D amp. The resulting sound quality is a thing of beauty that can only be matched by its aesthetically pleasing looks, with deep bass tones and crystal clear highs. The speakers have fully integrated Wi-Fi for paired app control, USB inputs and Ethernet. While only prototypes at the moment, you can be sure they will be appearing in a Raumfeld retailer near you soon.


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