Powervision Poweregg Camera Drone

Gear / Tech

It may difficult to not a crack a smile while saying the name, but the PowerVision PowerEgg Camera Drone is no yolk. Its egg shape is certainly different to what we we’ve come to eggspect a drone to look like but it is actually what gives the PowerEgg its eggcellent performance. The four arms and rotors can all retract into the shell, making it easy to transport. The four legs all fold upwards to further ease transportation but also to ensure they don’t block the view of the impressive 14 megapixel 4k camera. You have the choice of two controllers, the standard duel-stick and the Maestro movement-based controller, which is perfect for beginner’s looking to get the hang of drone flying. An eggquisite drone in every way. (Okay we’re done with the egg puns now)


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