Pelican Boomcase

Outdoor / Tech

From the outside, the Pelican Boomcase may look like a case for your Black and Decker, but open these bad boys up and you can really get the party started. These rough and ready speakers have been created to be one of the world’s most durable portable speaker systems. They are dust-proof, water- proof and when shut, nothing can get to the components. The sound system contains two dome tweeters, two 6.5” woofers, one 4” protected mid-range speaker and a 100 Watt amplifier. When fully charged they have a battery life of over 16 hours and for an additional $45 they can be fitted with Bluetooth wireless facilities. They are also fully customizable, letting you choose your case and wood color. Take the party with you wherever you go with the Pelican Boomcase.

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