Huacachina, Peru


Hidden away in the middle of one of Earths most barren landscapes is the magical village of Huacachina. Home to less than 100 people, the village is built around a lagoon in the middle of the desert and is the fantasy picture of what an oasis should look like, complete with lush foliage and palm trees. What with being located in the middle of a desert, Huacachina is perfect for topping up the tan and chilling by the pool, with temperatures regularly exceeding 100 Fahrenheit. There’s plenty for thrill seekers too, with the sand buggy rides round the surrounding dunes putting most roller coasters to shame. Be sure to try your hand at sandboarding too. Zipping down huge sand hills on your waxed up board is great fun. Peru is certainly proud of little Huacachina, with the oasis featuring on the back of the 50 Nuevo Sol note and with one visit, you’ll see why.


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