DJI Mavic Pro


Beginner drone pilots need look no further than the DJI Mavic Pro for the ideal piece of kit. Weighting in at a barley noticeable 1.62 pounds (close to half the weight of the Phantom 4, DJI’s leading model) and featuring a compact and foldable design that’s easy to slip into your rucksack, it has been designed for the on the go adventurer. The 12mp camera is top of the range, shooting 4K at 30 fps and also offering 1080p at 96 fps. The drone can fly intelligently, using four vision sensors to fly to points of interest, follow moving targets and avoid any obstacles in its path. The cleaver contraption even be set to snap a picture in response to particular hand gestures. It’s easy to control too, using either your smartphone or the provided controller. Time to make yourself #Instafamous.


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