Adonit Snap Point Stylus in Rosegold

Ladies / Tech

If you combine a digital writing tool and selfie taker you’ll get the Adonit Snap Point Stylus. Not only is the stylus for those looking for the traditional functionality of a pen, but also a tool to make your daily digital use much easier. The Adonit Snap Point Stylus is perfect for captioning on images through apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. However, we especially love that the sleek stylus has a button allowing users to snap a picture without having to touch the phone! This is totally a discreet way to take some amazing pics without the hassle. For artists, or those who enjoy drawing through a tablet or phone, this stylus seems like a perfect fit too. We love the color choices and the mere fact that the pen simply sticks to your phone making it accessible whenever you need it.

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