Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Ivory Ella

Rose Gold Charm Necklace

This rose gold elephant charm necklace from Ivory Ella is the perfect gift for any mom, but if your mom has a soft spot for elephants, even better as any purchase from Ivory Ella helps protect elephants from poaching. Get matching necklaces or pair with earrings for a mother/daughter gift in one!

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She's Got Style Flower Bouquet

Flowers are the perfect gift on Mother's Day and Avas Flowers has a wide range of beautiful flower arrangements that you can have shipped directly to your mom on Sunday. We love the "She's Got Style, She's Got Grace" bouquet, featuring pink roses and aster with hints of purple statice.

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Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Give the gift of a spa experience, with some of the most natural skincare products available. All the ingredients included are farm fresh, as they have homegrown ingredients from Mooresville, Alabama in them. Some of the ingredients include goat’s milk, lavender, and shea butter. The items in the set include, milk bath tea, moisturizing bath truffle, and whipped shea cream. Lastly, there’s a mint lip balm to complete a refreshing at-home spa experience.


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Travel Diffuser Aromatherapy Kit

For the traveling mom, this travel diffuser is a must. Give her the gift of great moods with this diffuser she can easily take anywhere. The diffuser itself is USB powered, so you can be out and have an emergency aromatherapy session, at the snap of a finger. The kit includes three essential oils: Lavender for relaxation, Lemongrass for rejuvenation, and Peppermint for a refreshed feeling.


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HyperChiller Coffee Cooler

If your mom prefers iced coffee over hot coffee, this is the gift for you. Save her time and money by getting her a HyperChiller. You leave the HyperChiller in your freezer. Make regular coffee. Take out the HyperChiller, pour your coffee in, and it will chill it completely in one minute for you. Quick, easy and delicious!

Morse Code LOVE Necklace

A clever way to let her know how you feel. This necklace was designed by local San Francisco designer Julia Szendrei. The beading was strategically placed so it spells “LOVE” in Morse code. The beading consists of turquoise stones, gold bronze beads, and 14K gold-filled chain.


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Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

Now she can have foot rubs whenever she wants….spa-like foot rubs at that! This massager is tailored to give you a deep tissue massage and assist you with blood circulation. She will be feeling like she’s walking on the clouds once done. It is powered by powerful deep-kneading rotating nodes.

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